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What Are Custom Rigid Boxes?

Rigid boxes are mainly used to contain high-end products. These are the thickest of all packaging materials and have premium quality. Custom rigid boxes can house various products like jewelry, perfumes, delicate crockery, gadgets, and a lot more. Furthermore, these are popular as rigid gift boxes owing to their top-notch quality.

Custom Rigid Boxes offer various customization options to add a flair to your rigid packaging. You can select from printing techniques, color models, add-ons, and finishing coats to create exclusive rigid boxes for your brand recognition.

Our skilled professionals are here to assist you in choosing the best customization options that suit your brand and product requirements. To learn more, here you can find details of custom options we offer for rigid box.

Innovative Printing Techniques To Make Creative Rigid Boxes

Plain packaging does not work in a retail market anymore. In order to get your products noticed, you need to add some exclusivity to them. Therefore,  we offer printing techniques to create custom shop-printed rigid boxes that don’t look dull and boring. Also, choosing the wrong method can be disastrous for product presentation.

Choose from the following printing techniques for designing rigid boxes wholesale that helps you beat the market’s competition:

Offset Printing

This technique will deliver crisp images with high-definition graphics printed on your product packaging. The initial setup time is high in the case of offset printing. Therefore the turnaround time is relatively longer. Also, design alterations demand more time and money owing to the setup requirements.

Digital Printing

On the contrary, digital printing does not demand much time and money and is cost-effective for small as well as large-scale orders. However, the image quality is not as excellent as that of offset print. Moreover, it is handy, time-saving, and design alterations are easily incorporated.

Color Models To Glam Up Custom Printed Rigid Box

We apply color models to enhance your print design and brighten it up with attractive hues. Custom Rigid Boxes offer you the following two options in color models:

CMYK Color Model

Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black are the primary colors used in the CMYK color model. We form more colors by combining these four in varying concentrations on a white background. It produces vibrant images, although it may lack in providing consistency over different devices. If color accuracy is not your preference, then you can opt for this one.

PMS Color Model

Pantone Matching System is a universal color model. It is applied when you need accurate spot colors. Also, it provides accuracy and consistency in colors, but you will have to compromise a little on vibrancy. Moreover, with color codes for more than 1800 colors, it ensures accuracy over different devices.

Spectacular Add-Ons For Rigid Box Packaging

These are used to embellish your custom rigid boxes and adorn the brand logo, title, or essential information published on the box. You can enhance the customer experience and avail of the intricate add-ons like emboss, deboss, spot UV, foiling, and window patching.

We have given below the description of each add-on for your convenience:

1. Embossing

It gives particular features a raised texture that draws customer attention to your product and brand.

2. Debossing

You can give specified areas or features a depressed below the surface effect with debossing. It provides an attractive touchpoint to the customers.

3. Window Patching

It involved the addition of a PVC transparent sheet in the die-cut box. This window lets customers peek through the window to check out your product.

4. Spot UV Treatment

This customization makes a particular area or features prominently by applying a shiny layer over it.

5. Foiling or Hot Stamping

It adds a reflective, metallic detail to your product packaging. Hence, you can make your brand logo, title, or borders prominent by applying and pressing foil over it.

Our expert team is here to guide and assist you in selecting the best option or a combination to present your brand and product.

Finishing Coats For Smooth And Classic Rigid Boxes

Avail smooth and sleek finishing coats that give your packaging a refined look. Custom Rigid Boxes has terrific options of finishing coats for you, including; matte, gloss, varnish, and soft-touch effects. Select the option that best represents your brand.

Read and learn more about the finishing coats we offer:

Gloss Finish

It imparts a smooth and shiny look on your rigid setup boxes. The gloss finish is dust and dirt resistant and gives your rigid boxes a shiny and reflective exterior.

Matte Finish

If gloss is too vibrant for you, you can go for our dull yet classy matte finishing. It gives a sleek and smooth effect to your custom printed rigid boxes. Furthermore, It does not reflect light; instead, it absorbs it and captivates customers.

Varnish Finish

If glossy is too much shine for you and matte is too gloomy, then varnish finish provides you the midway. As it completes the packaging look with polished effect.

Soft-Touch Finish

To make your high-end, rigid box appear yet more luxurious, go for this soft, velvety effect with our soft-touch finishing. It attracts and mesmerizes customers with exclusive feels.

Take Your Product Packaging To The Next Level With Our Custom Rigid Boxes

We provide you the best quality custom rigid boxes that highlight your brand and make your product prominent on the retail shelf. Our custom boxes will turn heads and get your products noticed among a sea of products.