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Custom Cosmetic Rigid Boxes An Important Guide to Keeping in The Brain for All Beginners!

“Let’s be Beautiful. 

Be Colorful. and Be You.”

Feeling inspired about creating the perfect custom cosmetic rigid boxes and packaging? The right way to start with is the design. It’s best that you set the standards of your brand’s design. But first, setting your design elements for your brand’s packaging is a better option.

To get started, how about you consider the following:

The Tips for Designing Custom Cosmetic Rigid Boxes!

1. The Style for Rigid Cosmetic Boxes

Okay, so you’re thinking about your product’s packaging. Well, here’s how you should get started. You first need to start with bringing a personality and mood to your packaging. What should be, how should it be? What’s it going to be like? 

Are you thinking maybe a minimalist vibe when it comes to your design? Or maybe you’re thinking about those more stylized and over-the-top designs?

Think about the rigid cosmetic boxes and packaging design you wish to move towards. This will definitely benefit you in leading the remaining design while ensuring that the packaging decisions you make align with the design’s overall goals.

“Look Beautiful, Think Beautiful.”

Once you have locked in the style, this will help you determine any additional design elements that you should or need to consider. Is it going to be one of pop art feels? If yes, then there’s probably some illustration that needs to be done to lead the design process. 

Or what about incorporating some natural elements because your cosmetic brand is also ‘Natural’? If so, you can add some images of nature to your custom cosmetic rigid box design. Where we’re trying to head with this is the style you are looking for that will help you add all those design elements to get that style and feel across the entire packaging.

2. Wholesale Cosmetic Rigid Boxes- Colors

When you are about to choose colors for your packaging, these are the things you need to do;

  1. Choosing a color that will blend perfectly with the personality of your brand
  2. It is choosing a color that will immediately grab your customers’ attention
  3. Choosing a color that makes your product stand out in the fierce competition you are up against

But the point we are heading towards now is the most important one because we are dealing with the most uber-competitive industry here – the world of cosmetics and beauty!

You need to select your brand’s color palette just like you would assemble this season’s eye shadow palette that you believe you must have. Bottom line, staying true to your brand is what we are asking here while still trying to differentiate you from your competition.

Take it like this, for say. In this world of beauty and cosmetics, pink is a widely popular color. The color is fun; it’s feminine. But the main thing is that it’s one of those colors widely used in this glitz and glorious cosmetic world. We put this color mostly on our faces too.

But here’s the thing. Choosing pink for custom cosmetic rigid boxes because it is widely popular won’t make things less easy for you. In other words, it can be a big mistake you might be making.

“Unlock your shine- be more attractive.”

 Exactly how? Let’s get to the point, then. You choose a packaging of pink to be stacked up in a cosmetic shop that is already a sea of pink. How will you even get noticed? 

Can you seriously grab the attention of your customer?

If you look at the most recognized cosmetics and beauty brands, you will notice they use colors as the perfect way to build up their company. For instance, thinking of purple would instantly pop Urban Decay in the head. White and bold black is something Makeup forever owns.

So you want your brand to be successful too? You just need to be on the same path as these brands. Find your brand a good palette for wholesale cosmetic rigid boxes that will not only help your products pop out on those shelves but should become synonymous instantly with your brand.

3. Fonts

The next thing up is fonts. When it comes to colors, you want something different, something unique for the brand. The goal is to be recognized instantly when your customers look at your custom printed cosmetic rigid boxes

Moreover, your chosen colors will easily make you stop when the customers scan the shelves loaded with goods. But common, it cannot be the same thing as fonts. 

Choosing fonts that are not readable is a big mistake.

So you want to go with a classic feel, we get that. But it’s not wise to follow the cliché. It would help if you stuck with something elegant and readable, and it will get you noticed. Take Clinique, for instance. It uses the old classic yet elegant Serif font. Highly noticeable for them, easily read.

But that doesn’t mean you need the same font for your brand. Think about your packaging and how the font would look on that. Then choose a font. You should check first and shortlist all those fonts that are going well with the packaging. 

But your list’s fonts should be easy to read and clear at the end of the day. Even in the tiny form, you can make it out quickly what’s written on your custom printed boxes wholesale.

Enhance The Appearance of Gift Item 

“The manner of giving values more than the gift.”

The requirement for custom cosmetic rigid boxes is very high worldwide. It is because companies know the standing of cardboard material. It benefits the businessmen in running the business very efficiently. Cardboard material runs strength to the box but is also suitable for wrapping gifts. Several cardboard boxes are available in the market of dissimilar styles like window-cut, handles, and ribbons; these are flawless for warping a gift.

Customers can also print special packaging boxes for special events. Cosmetic packaging boxes save the time and money of businesses in searching for flawless design boxes. 

A market rule is that a brand or company should offer something diverse that the other competitor is not offering. Differentiation mainly depends upon the packaging material of the boxes. The elasticity and sturdiness of the rigid cardboard boxes make them friendly and attractive.

Your Products Are Our Priority!

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