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Custom Rigid Set Up Boxes

Custom Rigid Setup Boxes? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart!

Custom rigid setup boxes offer all possible freedom to make personalized packaging. From closure to insert parts to inner support and assembly choices, you get the freedom to customize every aspect. All these features are possible if you contact us at ShopRigidBoxes USA.

We are the top printing and packaging company that will help you take your business to new heights of success. Just tell us your top desires, and we will make them real for you.

Custom rigid setup boxes, which are thicker than ordinary packaging boxes, are called custom rigid boxes.

Printed set-up boxes are made by covering paper on greyboard (heavy chipboard). These luxury packaging boxes are termed rigid boxes due to their durable structure. We offer a variety of styles in custom rigid packaging as below:

  • Telescopic Boxes
  • Lid Off Boxes
  • Magnetic Closure Boxes
  • Two-Piece Boxes
  • Collapsible Boxes
  • Luxury Sleeve Boxes
  • Custom Shape and Designs
  • What Types Of Printed Set-Up Boxes Should We Consider For Ordering?

    You can choose various rigid packaging boxes to suit your requirements. Mainly there are two major types of rigid packaging as below:

  • Partial Finish Boxes
  • Full Finish Boxes
  • Partial finish rigid packaging is where the custom rigid packaging boxes are enfolded by paper only from the outer side with artwork or further details while leaving the inner side of the box open without wrapping in paper.

    Full finish rigid packaging is where the two-piece rigid set-up boxes are wrapped in paper either in plane or custom design artwork per the client’s requirement. Full finish custom rigid set up boxes are covered from inside to outer surface in custom-designed artwork.

    Why Promotional Rigid Set-Up Boxes Are Important?

    If you want to improve your brand perceptibility and reputation, a rigid box is the best available option you must consider.

    Custom two-piece rigid set-up boxes will help you effectively present your products to customers so they can differentiate your brand from other rivals in the market.

    Luxury packaging boxes offer an elegant appearance to the products so they can grab customers’ attention and know about the brand story, which helps to make more loyal customers. It will support to upscale of the brand or business.

    We yield wholesale luxury packaging for our client(s). We also offer custom packaging boxes, free doorstep delivery nationwide, and free-of-cost design support. Rigid box packaging will allow you to design your product packaging boxes with your brand details which not only attracts buyers toward products but also help you bond with buyers to improve brand loyalty.

    There is one word for our services. Excellent!

    We also offer custom rigid set up boxes at bulk pricing with free design support.

    Expensive products are planned to pack in luxury packaging boxes not only to provide an elegant appearance but also to provide an extra layer of safety during the order fulfillment process.

    Brands use personalized rigid boxes to gift the products to their loyal customers, especially on special events, i.e., such as Christmas, Good Friday, Easter, etc.

    They are designed to express emotions with valuable products, i.e., such as jewelry, fashion accessories, cosmetics, etc.

    What Is The Usage Of Promotional Rigid Set-Up Boxes?

    Luxury packaging is the best way to present your cherished products to upsurge their exposure among customers in day-to-day buying.

    Promotional rigid set-up boxes are made to provide an elegant appearance to the products and provide safe transportation while shipping goods from one place to another.

    Luxury rigid set-up boxes are used to pack various products, i.e., jewelry, cosmetics, apparel, gifts, candles, perfumes, and many more.

    What Material Do You Use For Rigid Boxes?

    As referred by the name manufacturer set-up boxes are made of heavy chipboard, which these custom packaging boxes accommodate more weight than regular cardboard packaging boxes.

    We offer the best packaging solutions, so you can contact us to take expert advice for your desires according to your product dimensions and weight.

    We are rigid box manufacturers and can produce customized rigid set-box design that carries the weight per our customer’s requirements. Our starting weight-bearing capacity is approximately 3-5 lbs. but we can customize it according to the requirements.

    How to Order Luxury Rigid Set-Up Boxes?

    It is pretty simple to order your custom rigid boxes with us. All you need to do is contact us by phone or email or submit a quote form on our website.

    You need to provide us with your requirements, and a team of professionals will start complying with your requirements and bring something impressive.

    You will find us the best custom rigid box suppliers in your territory, holding the best portfolio of serving renowned brands in the country.

    We at ShopRigidBoxes USA are the leading rigid box manufacturers in the USA. You can order custom rigid set-up boxes online with us in a matter of seconds.

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