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How To Create Captivating Single Color Rigid Boxes

When picking a retail product from the shelf, we tend to judge the book by its cover. Retail packaging is the first thing that we notice, touch and feels when we go exploring a product. When we enter a retail store and walk to the aisle of products that we need, the first thing we look at is the packaging of the products. The branding and design on the product packaging is the most prominent feature that the customers notice.

Also, the color of the packaging is one of the primary factors that grasp the customers’ attention. Therefore, when designing a product’s packaging, you need to pay much attention to the color, design and printing of the box. Not just this, the most important is to carefully pick the packaging material on which you are going to apply customizations and brand-specific features. 

Selecting The Ideal Material For Your Product Packaging

Now when it comes to materials, rigid packaging material has no comparison in quality and aesthetics. The rigid material is the finest looking packaging material that is mostly used for luxury and fragile products. You must have seen rigid packaging for many luxury items. Undoubtedly, the classy single color rigid boxes look a class apart when placed on a retail shelf among other competitor products. These do stand out with their sleek look and sophisticated appeal.

There Is No Other Like Rigid Material 

The rigid material with a single solid color looks simply chic. Putting a brand logo on this solid color is like putting a cherry on top of plain frosting. The plain background makes the stylish logo get noticed instantly; therefore, it facilitates brand recognition and attracts customers with the simple yet captivating design of the box. 

How Do You Make Stellar Custom Single Color Rigid Boxes

So, in order to gain customer attention and to make your product look outstanding, you can opt for custom single color rigid boxes. For this, you need to use color models with your rigid packaging. So here are the popular color models that you can apply to your product packaging:

CMYK Color Model For Vibrant Images

To create print designs with images having multi colors, you can use this subtractive color model. CMYK color model works by mixing the four basic colors that are cyan, magenta, yellow and black. By adding and reducing the ratio of these colors you can get a variety of colors printed on your box design. Although it may not produce the same color repeatedly due to the working principle of CMYK, it cannot promise color accuracy. However, you can create highly vibrant images by applying CMYK on your rigid packaging. 

PMS Color Model For Striking Spot Colors

What else can offer you wholesale single color rigid boxes better than pms color model? It is basically a Pantone Matching System that delivers spot colors and is most suitable when it comes to producing single color. The plus point of PMS  is that it can provide precise color over and again with consistency. The pms is a universal color model that has specific codes for a color range of more than 1800 colors. So when you want to create classy single color rigid boxes, PMS is your go-to option. 

Now when you have decided on a color model, the next thing to do is the selection of a printing technique. The printing techniques help you create your brand logo and title attractively and get them on your product packaging. Also, you can print catchy taglines, design patterns and product information that you think is essential for the customers to know. To do so, you can use the following printing techniques popular in the packaging industry.

Offset Printing Technique To Give You Remarkable Images 

The offset printing technique is also known as lithography. It is famous for the photorealistic images it produces. You can have high-resolution pictures printed on your product packaging and get it noticed by the customers. Though it may take a few days to deliver images, that’s because it requires the initial setup. 

If your packaging design needs changes frequently, it is difficult to do with offset printing, as once the design plates are ready, the design cannot be changed, and you’ll have to prepare new plates with the changes. This will cost you more money and time. Also, offset printing is suitable for large scale orders only.

Creating Custom Printed Single Color Rigid Boxes With The Most Popular Digital Printing Technique

Digital printing is also known as inkjet printing. It is the trendiest and speedy technique used in the packaging industry. It can produce good quality images in a short while. Also, it is suitable for small scale orders only.  It involves a simple method of printing. All you have to do is get a digitized image that you want to print. This image is transferred to the printer with the help of a gadget, and the inkjet printer transfers it to the packaging material. 

It is suitable when your order is below 500 copies, and you want frequent design changes. Incorporating modifications in the design is easy with digital printing techniques, and you can simply do it by editing the image. 

Printing techniques are compared based on results, cost, and production requirements. Digital printing has its perks with accuracy and precision of images printed at low costs. In comparison, offset printing produces images with unmatched quality. It depends on the product and packaging requirements to opt for a printing technique to create custom printed single color rigid boxes while knowing the drawbacks and benefits of each method. 

Make The Right Choices To Make Customers Pick Your Products Out Of All

It would be best if you are careful while designing custom packaging for your products as it is the face of your company. Before the customers come to buy the product, they judge it by the packaging it has. The rigid packaging with intricate design details can help you create a retail packaging that can impress customers and make them choose your product amongst all.

As it only takes a second for customers to decide based on the emotional and psychological impact that your product packaging projects on them. Hence, choosing the right packaging material and designing it with the right customization options can get you more customers. So don’t wait and create custom single color rigid boxes that look a class apart with the sleek and stylish look. Get in touch with ShopRigidBoxes and get a 20-40% discount on your orders and avail free shipping. We are waiting for your call.

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