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Magnetic Rigid Boxes

How To Make Your Magnetic Rigid Boxes Truly Stand Out

What Are Magnetic-Rigid Boxes?

Magnetic-rigid boxes are a wonderful packaging style that helps enhance customers’ experience. This type of packaging uses a magnetic lock to secure the products inside the packaging. Furthermore, the satisfying ‘clicking’ sound when the box closes can be ideal for customers looking for something extra when handling the packaging.

The rigid material is the perfect option for making magnetic boxes as they help increase the perceived value of the products. Rigid magnetic boxes can be the luxury packaging solution that elevates your brand.

Customization Options For Magnetic-rigid Boxes

When it comes to making unique magnetic-rigid boxes, there is no better option than to customize them. When you opt to customize packaging, you are in full control of the various aspects of the packaging. There are a plethora of ways in which you can choose the customize the boxes. The incredibly stable structure of the magnetic-rigid boxes allows you to let your creative expressions run wild. Hence, you can create custom with eye-catching custom prints that help attract customers from afar.

However, that is not all. You can create custom magnetic-rigid boxes with special tweaks that help you make truly unique packaging that can help your brands and products stand out from the crowd. This blog post will touch on the various printing techniques that can help you decorate magnetic-rigid boxes with enticing custom prints. Furthermore, we will look at the various options of add-ons that can help you personalize the magnetic-rigid boxes to complement the image of your products and brands. Let’s get started!

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Printing Techniques And Color Models Magnetic-rigid Boxes

Printing techniques can be a powerful option that helps you make custom printed wholesale magnetic-rigid boxes. These custom prints can range from being insanely attractive, helping you pull the customers. Furthermore, they can also represent various marketing materials. You can use custom prints that work to display various products of your catalog on the magnetic-rigid boxes. Moreover, you can use custom prints to showcase different bundle deals and promotions.

That way, you can transform the once simple magnetic-rigid boxes into walking billboards that help put the word out for your brand. 

There are many printing techniques in the packaging industry. They have special properties that offer various benefits. The following are some printing techniques that can help you create beautiful-looking magnetic-rigid boxes while remaining within budget. 

  • Digital Printing Technique
  • Offset Printing Technique

A custom print comprises two things. Firstly, is the design. Secondly, are the colors that help beautify the custom printed design. Color models are a standard way to use colors and make custom printed magnetic-rigid boxes to allure customers. However, they can also be used to enhance your branding. 

Imagine your rigid magnetic closure candy boxes decorated in the colors of your brand. Furthermore, imagine having the same packaging having the logo with accurate colors. That is the power of color models and why it will help if you make an educated decision about choosing color models. 

The following are the different options that can help you make brand-enhancing magnetic-rigid boxes.

  • CMYK Color Model
  • PMS Color Model

Add-Ons For Magnetic-rigid Boxes

Now that we have printed the magnetic-rigid boxes let’s make them truly stand out from the sea of competitors.

Add-ons are a wonderful way to create brand-exclusive packaging styles. Furthermore, add-ons can easily become the tool that helps endear the customers and deepens their trust with your brand. Let’s take a brief look at the different add-ons there are.

  • Embossing/Debossing
  • Spot UV
  • Window Patching


Embossing and debossing can be considered to be two different sides of the same coin. Both these add-ons can create a beautiful textural change on the wholesale magnetic-rigid boxes. We create metal stamps per your design. These designs can display brand logos and slogans. Furthermore, they can also showcase important certifications or labels. 

We compress the packaging, and the negative space between the stamps is filled with the packaging material. This process results in a raised (embossed) or depressed (debossed) surface. This textural can be ideal for brands who want to make a physical mark on the custom magnetic-rigid boxes that can hook the customers when they handle your product packaging. 

Spot UV

Spot UV is a fantastic add-on that helps protect the custom printed colors while increasing the visual aesthetics of the packaging. This add-on uses a thick liquid that is cured using ultraviolet light. After the liquid is cured (solidified), it forms a thick, clear, smooth, and raised surface on the packaging. 

This solid helps showcase the printed colors in a raised effect that can grab the customers’ attention. Even though this add-on can look spectacular, it will help if you don’t overdo it as it might lower the effect of Spot UV.

Window Patching

The window patching is a beautiful add-on that allows the product inside the packaging to take center stage. We cut out part of the packaging and replaced it with a thin plastic sheet that allows light to pass through. This add-on causes the customers to peek inside the packaging and judge the state of the products without opening the products to environmental harm.

Window patching can be perfect for brands looking to make rigid magnetic closure candy boxes that entice customers by displaying tasty treats.

Let’s Make Amazing Magnetic-rigid Boxes

Now that you know about the various techniques and add-ons that can help you make splendid magnetic-rigid boxes, what are you waiting for? We offer these customization options and much more that can help you make wholesale magnetic-rigid boxes that can take your sales to the next level. Reach out to ShopRigidBoxes, and let’s create something that takes your customers’ breath away.

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