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Pack Your Delicate Perfumes In The Most Sophisticated Boxes

We all love to smell good thus we all love perfumes. These are cosmetic products that make us feel fresh with fragrances that take us to another world. Perfumes are loved by everyone irrespective of gender, age and race. These help you feel confident, fresh and nice. The popular perfumes mostly come in the form of liquids filled in spray bottles. Though some also come in the form of solid or form but the most appreciated and loved form is the liquid one.

Wrapping The Delicacy In Protective Packaging

The liquid perfumes are filled in delicate bottles mostly made of crystal or glass therefore they are fragile. These need further packaging that can keep them safe and protect the fragile bottles from any potential damage. Perfumes need packaging that is stiff and remains intact during display, storage, shipping and retail handling. This packaging should be sturdy enough to keep the perfume safe during bumps and exposure to pressure, heat, and dryness. 

Scents To Be Presented Sophisticatedly

A perfume is an essential cosmetic product that we use in our daily lives. It is prepared with a combination of scented oils, aroma solvents, and fixatives. And when these are combined together they give an exclusive scent to your skin. 

Don’t you feel that for such a sophisticated product, an exclusively crafted custom packaging is required? Which can also make the customers feel special and unique while buying a perfume of their choice. This packaging will also represent the brand of perfume that a customer picks. Therefore, it must have an exclusive touch to promote the brand and let customers be impressed with the presentation of such mesmerizing products. 

Also the perfumes are not just a scent, in fact they are a way of reflecting your personality. Therefore, being a retailer you must pay attention to the details and invest to create outstanding custom packaging for the products. 

Is Rigid Packaging The Right Pick For Elegant Perfume Bottles?

How about going for rigid packaging for your perfumes? It is the most robust and stylish packaging you can ever get. With rigid materials, you can present your products like no other and protect them effectively as well. Moreover, rigid boxes are highly customizable and work as an excellent substrate for various custom options. Therefore, you can create bespoke packaging for your luxurious products. Giving your products a premium quality packaging will pay you back by keeping the perfumes secure and giving you adequate profit margin by adding to the perceived value of the product. Thus, wholesale custom perfume rigid boxes are a must choose option for the packaging of your delicate perfume boxes. 

Customizing The Rigid Boxes

When it comes to customizations, you have a variety to apply on your sophisticated rigid boxes. Consider all the possible options for your custom perfume boxes and pick the ones that suit your product best. Here are a few options for you to consider while designing custom perfume boxes.

Custom Size And Shape Of Rigid Perfume Boxes

You can get perfume boxes in any size and shape that you want. The rigid box must compliment the shape and style of your beautiful perfume bottle. You can go for different shapes like:

  • Pyramid packaging
  • Cylindrical packaging
  • Rectangular packaging
  • Cubical packaging
  • Hexagonal packaging
  • Pentagonal packaging

These shapes are selected depending on the shape of the perfume bottle. The fancy styles and delicate shapes need packaging that can hold and grip them perfectly. These factors do have an impact on the customers. For example, when a perfume packaging has a cylindrical shape, it means the perfume bottle it contains is completely snugged and secured inside the box. On the contrary, if the perfume box has a slope and a fragile structure that can be easily deformed or compressed then, the customers will not feel good about the quality of perfume inside. 

Chic Box Styles For Perfumes

Do you want your perfume box to have a style of its own? That can be done without a problem as there are many versatile options to design the packaging according to your own choice. Here are a few box styles you may consider:

  • Drawer style box
  • Tuck end box style
  • Pyramid style box
  • Book style box
  • Magnet closure style box
  • Sleeve box style
  • Two piece rigid box style

You can choose from all these styles and give your boxes a packaging that looks unique and attracts customers with the exquisite appearance. Also, these box styles can enhance not just the presentation of your boxes but also can keep the products secure with increased protection. 

You can also add safety features like cushions, punch inserts and fences. These help keep your delicate perfume bottles secure during the retail and display processes. 

Designing Techniques And Creative Visualization

Nowadays, you can create custom printed rigid perfumes that have the details of your brand and product printed on them. You can create exclusively designed rigid perfume boxes by applying various printing techniques with some vibrant color models. You are free to pick an exciting theme for the delicate perfume bottles so that the customers are instantly drawn to your perfume box. 

rigid perfume boxes

Commonly, the perfume packaging contains beautiful patterns representing the theme of their fragrances such as floral, earthy, woody, fruity, oriental, or minty. Also, it would be great if you incorporate some additional features to your perfume boxes like window patching, embossing, debossing, foiling and spot UV treatment. These help add a classic touch to your perfume boxes. That’s how you win the heart of potential customers who will take your products home as while purchasing anything, a customer notices the packaging first. 

The fragrance is not just a scent, it is an ideal medium to reflect your personality. The perfume retailers always prefer to invest in outstanding packaging for their perfume brands. The overall structure of a perfume box is quite important because it reflects the real color and shape of the perfume bottle. 

Creating The Most Classy And Secure Perfume Rigid Boxes

These perfumes are not just any retail products, but they symbolize a lifestyle of extravagance and luxury. Hence, they must be exhibited in stunningly crafted delicate perfume rigid boxes with a proper presentation. The packaging of perfumes must complement the value and splendor of the fragrance packed inside it. Shoprigidboxes manufacture amazingly attractive custom rigid perfume boxes that can enhance the overall appearance of your product by making them more captivating for the customers.

These perfumes will be loved to kept, shared and gifted to the dear ones. Our boxes will present your product and brand in the most mesmerizing way that will draw the customers to your product and make them purchase them instantly. So, don’t hesitate and let us know your packaging requirements. The shop rigid boxes will craft for you the perfect perfume rigid packaging.

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