Top 10 Most Popular Custom Shape Rigid Boxes Help Businesses

Custom Shape Rigid Boxes

Rigid packaging is a common choice for some product categories due to its support and luxurious feel.

Because of its weight and cost, it is also known as premium packaging.

This article will discuss how many designs rigid boxes have and how it helps grow your business, how it is made, the benefits and advantages, and some successful examples for you to examine.

Let’s get this ball rolling!  First, discuss its role in business. 

Rigid boxes and the ideal packaging solution:

Certain items need additional support from the box in which they are delivered.  They are intended to give support for the goods, but it also has an aesthetically appealing vibe.  As a result, ‘rigid boxes’ are an ideal packaging solution for these items.

Custom shape rigid boxes wholesale are commonly used for packaging a few specific things, such as board games, luxury items, and presents. 

They are, however, also utilized in the packaging of other, more generic items.  A Rigid Box is a well-constructed box with a greater thickness made by stacking chipboard inside.  This core framework is typically coated with a variety of materials, such as leather, ornamented wraps, or fabric wraps.

Many people wonder what the difference is between corrugated boxes, cardboard boxes, and rigid boxes.  The main distinction between the two is that rigid boxes are solid packaging as opposed to flexible ones. 

Unlike corrugated and cardboard boxes, custom shaped rigid packaging cannot be altered as you need.  The rigid boxes’ solid design allows for excellent durability and a lower cost of assembly as compared to flexible packaging boxes. 

Why Should You Use Custom Rigid Boxes To Help Your Business Grow?

Custom shape rigid boxes are becoming increasingly popular among business owners worldwide.  If you want to provide the finest delivery experience for your consumers, you should understand how to use custom rigid boxes and receive the best returns from them.  Before you do so, you must first understand how many types of rigid boxes are and how they can help you.

When you look at custom rigid boxes, you will notice that it is the normal choice for firms to pack and send their items. With the passage of time, these packaging boxes will attract a lot of attention.  In reality, these boxes may provide much-needed help to businesses in segregating their items from other choices available for purchase in the market.

Instead of just looking at the examples, consider purchasing these boxes.  This is one of the finest investments you can make to secure the long-term success of your company.

You may use this unusual packaging option to display your items to clients in a unique way.  As a result of this, customers will be delighted with what they receive. 

Rigid Packaging Options

There are different types of rigid boxes.  Let’s discuss them one by one:

  • Partially Finish Rigid Boxes:

The partial finish is a form of rigid packaging in which the wrapping and chipboard are only partially finished.

The wrapping only covers the box’s outside surfaces; the chipboard inside is exposed and naked, indicating that it is unfinished.

Partially finished Rigid boxes are created from a single piece of chipboard with perforated fold lines for folding and wrapping.  It comes with no additional external covering that exposes the kraft or grey chipboard substance.

Because less material is required in the manufacturing process, partially completed rigid boxes take substantially less time to create.

  • Full Finished Rigid Boxes:

No chipboard is visible with a full finish because the rigid box is completely wrapped.

Thicker chipboard, with a thickness of roughly 2-3 mm, is also utilized.

The inside chipboard is divided into sections for each side of the box and may be laminated with a variety of finishing options based on the requirements.

Full-finish custom printed rigid boxes include an additional layer of wrapping that can be white (the usual) or printed.

The shape of these boxes is usually square, but you can ask for any size and shape that suits and product.  Are you Thinking of other styles as well; look for “Thank Us Later!  It’s Time to Start Using Rigid Setup Boxes to Promote Your Business!”

  • Magnetic Closure Rigid Boxes:

The pleasing shape of a magnetic closure rigid box can be fascinatingly addictive as the two magnets in the rigid boxes lock together with a firm shut.

Magnetic closure rigid boxes have two magnets that lock together to firmly seal the box shut.

Customers will be attracted to hold these boxes due to their durable and solid build.  It’s a sustainable alternative because rigid boxes may make an ideal storage place for jewelry, cosmetics, and just about anything else (depending on the size of the box).

Furthermore, structural engineering provides for a distinct and high-end feel.  The magnetic closure offers a smooth unpacking experience that your consumers will remember!

Magnetic closure boxes are available in both regular and collapsible designs.

While the normal type is sturdier and more durable, the collapsible magnetic closure rigid box is packed and sent flat in different shapes and sizes.  It allows for significant savings in shipping and handling expenses.

Collapsible rigid boxes often have double-sided tape that attaches to the collapsible surfaces of the box, rendering it uncollapsible for your clients.

Your clients won’t even notice they’re collapsible unless they look closely.  Genius!

  • Rigid Telescopic Boxes

Telescopic rigid boxes are top load 2-piece rigid boxes, or lid and tray rigid packaging with the lid protruding vertically from the base.

Higher-end telescope boxes (similar to smartphone boxes) are built with exact specifications to allow for friction and a slow opening speed.  It allows the base to glide out from beneath the top gently.

Because the lid and base overlap four sides when closed, telescopic boxes are more durable than other rigid box types. 

This makes it an excellent choice for items that are anticipated to be used repeatedly. 

Partially covered rigid boxes are telescopic in shape with a lid that only covers a portion of the base, making them easier to open and close.

This is like your standard game box or iPhone box opening, yet the two boxes look and feel very different. 

  • Rigid Drawer Style Boxes

There’s something satisfying about pulling a drawer open, especially if it’s a little, box-sized drawer containing a new product.

Drawer-type rigid boxes are also known as slipcase, slide, or match rigid boxes since they open in the same way as matchboxes do.

Drawer-type custom shape rigid packaging boxes are comparable to rigid telescopic boxes, but from a different perspective – literally.  They include a connected ribbon pull or a semi-circle thumb hole.

Telescope boxes are ideal for items that need to remain straight and level when a buyer opens the package.  It keeps things safe and straight. 

Drawer-type boxes can also be built with incorporated child-safety devices to prevent small children from opening potentially dangerous items.

  • Rigid Book Style Boxes

Because it opens like a hardback book, the book-style rigid box is a unique and inventive packaging alternative.

This hard packaging type may be produced with a straight or rounded spine to feel exactly like a book, and magnetic fasteners can also be included.

While this is a really unusual package style, it may be quite advantageous to contributing to your brand identification depending on your niche.

Combining your brand with books would be a fantastic idea to give the best unpacking experience possible.

  • Stiff Stackable Box

Consider rigid stackable boxes with a magnetic cover if you have numerous goods to package or two sections to the same product.  This box style allows you to divide your items into two parts and package them in two stacking trays. 

The entire construction is held in place by the magnetic cover linked to the bottom tray.  The box is recommended to be packaged in a shipping carton or corrugated mailer box when sending the goods.  It is guaranteed that products do not come loose or the top tray does not break apart during travel.

  • Box with a window

Customers may see the items inside through the rigid box window on the lid.  For making them more attractive, manufacturers put some flowers on the side of the window to highlight their trademark color. 

Given the magnetic top, the ribbon helps buyers to effortlessly open the box.  Windows can also be used to examine the kind of product, which is useful if you sell many variations of the same product. 

Customers may readily observe it on shop shelves and retail counters if it is exhibited in this manner.

  • Cubes And Cuboids Rigid Boxes:

We think of square or rectangular boxes when we think of rigid boxes.  While these boxes are the most prevalent, employing other styles and forms might help you stand out from the crowd. 

You can pack jewelry like rings and necklaces in hexagonal boxes with foam inserts.  The rigid material is somewhat more workable than other materials, making it easier to create boxes in a variety of geometric designs.

  • Tube-Style Rigid Boxes:

Rigid tubes, also known as rolled-edge tube packaging, are a distinctive packaging choice for individuals who want to stand out and be different.

Rigid tube packaging is a cylindrical type of box in shape, has no corners, and is often designed with a telescoping or shoulder-neck opening.

A Pringle box is the most common example of a rigid tube box.

Rigid tubes are useful for packaging smaller items with an easy opening mechanism, such as beverages, cosmetics, stationery, and accessories.

Consider To Have All Boxes Shapes In One Place:

With these new ideas, you may now improve your existing rigid box packaging or start from scratch on new designs.  Do you still require assistance with your packaging design?  With our artwork services, you can quickly bring your concept to life on your packaging!

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